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MARCH 4, 2020


President  Jason Reed called the meeting to order at 8:05 cst.  A roll was called and present was: Jason Reed, Heather Sutton, Susie Reed, Matt Lopez, Margaret Mehle, Jeff Schut, Jane Rager and Kathy Strain. Absent was Bob Janssen.

Susie submitted a treasurer's report.

Jason began by asking each director for their thoughts and opinions in a discussion form.

Matt asked about the issue of a new timer.  Discussion was held about a used  one from Haiar's or North Ridge Ranch.  Matt moved to look at purchasing a used or new wireless timer and clock.  Margaret seconded the motion.  Yes was unanimous . Motion carried.  Heather will check into it with Susie's help.

Jason brought forth the issue of supporting the SD High School Rodeo Association. He had been in touch with the secretary and had gotten an email that said they would take prizes, sponsorship or monetary donations, although at this late date, monetary was the most needed. Kathy suggested helping fund AAA judges as that is a way to keep the quality of cutting up at shows.  Kathy moved to donate $300 to SDHRA if they use  AAA or better judges. Marge seconded the motion.  Vote yes was unanimous. Motion carried. Susie will contact SDHRA and inform them of the donation and request judge name and NCHA #.

Jason brought before the board the Reed Ranch Cutting on June 5,6,7. It would be an NCHA approved  cutting with added money according to a census of cutters attending.  There will be no arena charge and the cattle fee will be very reasonable.  Lower classes could have fresh cattle.  Heather Sutton moved to hold a SDCHA approved and produced show on a break even format.  Jane seconded.  Vote was unanimous yes. Motioned Carried.  Jason asked for show management volunteers, Jeff and Jane volunteered. 

Jason brought before the board the tentative October show at the Kjerstad Events Center in Rapid City.  Dates are Oct. 30- Nov. 1, with days open on each end.  Jason suggested a pre-work in the evening with a fresh cattle practice, a LTD age show along with a 2-day NCHA Weekend show and ending up with a Sunday LTD age show.   The sand is still there from stock show and we may have to add a little more.  There is hope that this will start and build into an annual event for SDCHA. Consensus of the board members was positive. Margaret and Jane volunteered to be show management.

Discussion was briefly held about annual banquet and general meeting.  Jason asked the board to think about the possibilities and bring back thoughts and ideas at the next meeting.

Jason asked for motion to adjourn. Jeff moved to adjourn, Margaret seconded.

Motion carried.



2019 Area Leader Trophies

Feb 20, 2020, 10:26 AM by National Cutting Horse Association
Order you 2019 Area Leader awards today

Congratulations to all 2019 Area Leaders! 

NCHA is proud to recognize our members for their accomplishments during the 2019 Point Year with a commemorative trophy or certificate, free of charge.  End of the Year Awards will be sent at members request. Please contact Linda Smith at to place your order.

Available Awards include:
-Area Leaders Trophy
-Region 4, 5/6 year old Trophy
-Open/Non-Pro Bronze, Gold, Silver and Platinum Certificates
-Horse Certificate of Ability
-Area Leaders Certificate 2nd-5th place

Congratulations to all!




Annual General Membership Meeting

James Kjerstad Event Center

Rapid City, SD

January 23, 2020


President Heather Sutton called the meeting to order at approximately 7 pm. The minutes of the 2018 General Membership Meeting had been handed our previous to the meeting. Having no questions, Margaret Mehle moved to accept the minutes as written, Jack Enright second the motion. Motion carried.  The treasurer's report had also been handed our previous to the meeting and having no questions Anita Janssen moved to approve the treasurer's report, Margaret Mehle second. Motion carried.


Unfinished Business: New rules at the NCHA level. If a member wins and wishes to have a regional trophy the president of that affiliate must request the trophy.  There were some governance updates and the update to the club about the added monies in a class with only 3 horses entered. The new rule is that only the added monies will be paid out and the entry fee will pay the NCHA 8% with the rest of the pot going to the club.


New Business:  Heather Sutton submitted a new logo for the club. Margaret Mehle moved we send it out to members for a vote.  Bob Janssen seconded the motion. Discussion was that the members for the new year are here now.  It was suggested that the mailing include a membership paper and submit it to all of last year's along with this year's current members. 

     Shows for the 2020 year were discussed with Bob Janssen working on shows in Huron, Jason Reed talked about having a club cutting with a clinic in the summer at the Reed Ranch.

     Jason Reed asked that the club appoint a sec/treas. Discussion was made as to having another meeting after this one was adjourned. The consensus was that the club needed someone immediately.  Bob Janssen moved to appoint Susie Reed, Margaret Mehle seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Elections for the new year are as follows:

                President - Jason Reed

                V.P. - Heather Sutton

                Sec/Treas. - Susie Reed

                Board Member - Kathy Strain

                Board Member - Jane Rager


Jeff Schut moved the meeting be adjourned, Marge Mehle second the motion. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susie Reed, Sec./Treas.